NYC Subway PDA

26 Nov


Submitted by Hyeyoon


East Village PDA!

26 Nov

Submitted by Rostislav

Project PDA is BACK!

23 Nov


hey, remember us?

just in case you forgot:  we’re project pda.  we are a public intervention movement that aims to spread positive messages into people’s daily lives. we want to inspire people to engage their community through creative expression and honestly… we just want to make people smile.

we are going to stage a huge public intervention in washington square park on the morning of saturday, december 3rd. basically what’s going down is we’re getting a bunch of people to create public displays of affection, and then we were going to be super stealth and decorate washington square park with everything.

so here’s our request: make your own PDA. this can be anything. you can make a painting. you can draw something. you can write a poem. you can create a message made out of macaroni glued to construction paper. you can make a huge installation out of plastic forks. anything! further instructions are on the website and we will be collecting these up until the 3rd.

after we get enough of these, we will be “installing” them in washington square park. we need a lot of people to help out with this, so if you can, let us know! anyone that can help out with this gets cookies.

if you live too far away, you can send us your PDA. if you can’t send a physical PDA: create one anyway, leave it in a public space of your choosing, and take a picture of it and send it to us at myprojectpda [at] gmail [dot] com . we will print it out and put it in the park for you.

let us know if you have any questions, or want any help, or need inspiration!

thanks so much!

Life is available today in this moment

5 Apr

Marcus Motion
Borough Park, Brookln
made with Trash and a Sharpie

And they lived happily ever after

27 Jan

I keep this little message on my sewing machine so that anything I make can carry this message to it’s owner.

Katy Keuter

Our Heart

26 Jan

Made of two wire hangers, one white, one black. The white one was my boyfriend’s, the black one was mine. Taped in pink duct tape, wrapped in red lights (white wire), and hung on our tree today, my son’s 10th birthday. Mountain Lakes, NJ

Tiffany Palisi
Mountain Lakes, NJ

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make

16 Jan

Project PDA hits Rockaway Lanes, Rockaway, NJ